Bay Area Restoration Services offers a variety of services for our clientelle. We can arrange a simple home or mold inspection as well as a major commercial rennovation. We are open to discussing any situation you are having regarding indoor environmental testing and inspection, contaminant removal, restoration/remodeling, and related. Our primary services are listed below. Please click on a service to find more information about it.

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Mold Inspection

A mold inspection can be preventative or needed as a result from a problem, such as a water leak, visual mold findings, or health concerns. A comprehensive investigation includes a complete visual analysis of the premises, moisture testing with a digital moisture meter, leak detection, and sample collection for laboratory analysis.

Our sampling includes Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) samples and surface samples in our basic mold inspection package. We offer many different types of sampling and are able to adjust to the needs of our clients. Our package price includes all the laboratory fees for the samples taken, a full report which includes the visual inspector’s notes/recommendations and an estimate to remediate any areas that are found to have fungal contamination.

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Mold Testing / Mold Sampling

The method of choice for assessing potential exposures to airborne molds and mycotoxins in indoor environments involves the collection and identification of fungal propagules. Currently, there are numerous sampling methods available to measure fungal concentrations in the environment. Source sampling, which includes methods such as swab, tape, bulk, and dust, is commonly used to identify indoor fungi.

Air sampling is one of the most common methods used to assess fungal levels in indoor environments. Many studies have related human health effects, such as increases in allergic and asthmatic respiratory symptoms, to airborne fungal spores. As the health effects of fungal exposure are mainly respiratory, air sampling is believed to be adequate to represent the exposure.

Mold Testing, Mold Sampling, Air Sampling, Surface Sampling, Bulk Sampling
Clearance Mold Testing and Certification

Following fungal remediation, clearance testing/sampling is necessary to ensure that contaminants that were initially found in areas of concern have been removed and are at acceptable levels for occupants. Along with a visual assessment, surface and Indoor Air Quality sampling are required to have complete clearance of an area(s) per industry standards.

A Certificate of Clearance is issued in an area(s) that pass the clearance testing. This certification is necessary to prove successful fungal remediation has been completed inside of existing containment areas and to document the areas remediated are safe for occupants to safely enter.

Mold Clearance Testing, Clearance Inspection, Certificate of Clearance
Mold Remediation / Restoration

Remediation is the process of removing the fungal contaminated building materials from the project site. The remediation effort should be accomplished in a controlled environment. The preparations to the affected areas normally involve the isolation of the space from the remainder of the building in order to prevent the cross-contamination of unaffected areas. Following this, special pre-written protocols are followed to properly treat and/or remove the contaminated areas using special tools, chemicals, and equipment.

Home Inspection / Building Inspection

Our home inspections ensure any area of concern is identified and noted to have the proper repairs performed. It is important to check and verify the life safety and health concerns in your residence or building. Many accidents and catastrophes can be avoided by being aware of and repairing any problem areas. Our inspections include a comprehensive check of the entire property. Bay Area Restoration Services puts the safety of our residential and commercial clients first.

Leak Detection / Moisture Testing

Moisture intrusion in the walls, floors, and other cavities of a building can't be seen. If left undetected, moisture intrusion can make your home unlivable, due to mold and rot, and can make your home difficult to sell. Our leak detection and moisture testing procedures can test stucco, brick, wood, and other cavities to reveal moisture issues that may be causing structural damage to a home or business.

Water Damage Assessment, Cleanup, and Repair

Water damage, sudden or gradual, is one of the most common restoration issues that homeowners experience. Most water damage results from ground flooding or a leak in the roof or a water/sewer pipe. Acting quickly and intelligently will make it less likely that serious structural, contents, or mold damage will occur. Our specialists can act quickly to rapidly remove water and moisture from the property using professional specialty equipment. Using these techniques and equipment, even moisture that has reached cavities in the floor and walls can be reached.

Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup and Repair

Fire and smoke can be devastating for a property. Structural integrity is compromised by the fire while smoke penetrates the structure's contents with odors. We offer many fire-related recovery services, some which can be completed in a matter of days. Some of these services include: emergency water extraction, demolition and reconstruction/restoration, contents cleaning, and odor removal.

Lead, Asbestos, Radon, Allergen, Water, Soil and Other Contaminant Testing

Sampling can be performed for possible air, surface, and/or water contamination. This testing can detect allergens and special substances such as lead, asbestos, radon, mercury, and several others. Bay Area Restoration Services special substance testing also includes methamphetamine residue testing and sewage contamination analysis. A report of laboratory findings and an analysis report by a specialist are issued to the client following the inspection.

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